Be in Shape for the Police Physical Exam

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Most of the time, people attempting to become police officers focus on the written and oral exam portion of the tests. However, there is a physical exam you must pass as well. If you need to get into shape to pass this part of your exam, it’s a good idea to figure out exactly what types of tests you’ll be expected to pass. It’s not a bad idea to be in shape overall.

Focusing on cardio (running/constant exercise) as well as core strength such as push ups, pull ups, etc. would do you well. If you belong to a gym and can demonstrate above average strength, that would be good too.

However, instead of just being “fit” may not be good enough because you may need to demonstrate particular physical abilities such as running a mile or doing x-number of sit ups or push ups. If you know the minimum requirements to pass the physical tests of your particular police department then you have a greater chance of passing because you can focus on those particular physical challenges. Again, just like preparing for the written exam, be prepared for overall good physical health in general aside from studying specific exercises.

If you’re unsure of what types of exercises you’ll need to perfect in order to pass, why not walk up to a police officer and explain you’re trying to join the academy and wouldn’t mind any pointers. Either way, once you know what’s required, focus on a daily or 4-5 days per week routine where you challenge yourself to pass the physical requirements so come test day you’re more than ready.

Assume you’ll be the least prepared therefore you must REALLY prepare and therefore shine above most applicants who prefer to take the easy, non-chalant route. Always maintain focus and you’ll pass with flying colors!

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